One Life to Liver

by Dirtbag

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This is our second album featuring Vince Mulligan on bass. 9 hot new tracks plus two covers, Thrasher and 5 Day Jail, from Vultch's old 90's punk band, American Victims. This album is a party. Go out, skate, put the volume to 12 and crack open a case and start pounding! Cheers!


released August 1, 2013

Grindhouse Recordings
Thanks to Brandon Pesavento, Chris Burke, and Lance Reese for the extra backups.



all rights reserved


Dirtbag Barstow, California

California punk band hailing from San Diego and the High Desert. Thrash style punk with heavy influences of classic rock, leaning towards the high voltage rock AC/DC.

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Track Name: Up the Street
Been in the scene since I was young,
always will until my life is done
Never cared about what people think,
Just meeting people and having drinks
See us drunk at local shows,
rolling blunts and packing bowls
For the homies who couldn’t pay,
we will get you some way

We are the band from UP THE STREET
We’re having a party UP THE STREET
Lots of noise coming from UP THE STREET
We are the fucking band from UP THE STREET

Have no money for the bar,
only coins for the liquor store
In our friends there’s family,
and in our family is unity
You see us drunk at local shows,
rolling blunts and packing bowls
For the homies who couldn’t pay,
we will get you in some way
Track Name: Bong Tokes
Wake up in the morning at the hour of nine
Crack open a beer and get ready to get high
What piece should I use to have my smoke
Nothing is better than taking bong tokes
That sounds fucking great, I can’t really wait
It’s time for me to get high
BONG TOKES is what I want
BONG TOKES is what I need
I got to have it, have to need it
A Bong Toke
Track Name: Thrasher
We are here to thrash it up
Don’t try and tell us what to do
If you do I got two words for you
And they go, “Fuck You!”

Thrash it up, Skateboard Skateboard
Do a grind, Skateboard Skateboard
Don’t leave home without it, Skateboard Skateboard
Thrash shit up
Track Name: K.P.F.M.
Feel so haggard from the night before
I pulled the bottle and hit the floor
What will cure my frazzled state
A killer pizza from outer space

KPFM – Killer Pizza From Mars

Full of pizza, full of beer
My drunken destiny is falling near
Passed out, woke up late
I need a pizza on my fucking plate
Track Name: 5 Day Jail
5 days a week I feel like a tool
I’m under supervision of the government rule
Why am I stuck in there
I wanna be home and be free

5 day jail
Where’s the bail

This work is full of ignorant people
Not understanding that we’re all equal
They’re like flocks of sheep within a wall
As for me I want that wall to fall
Track Name: One Life to Liver
Open that case, it’s time to drink some beer
Stop all the bitchin' because we are partying here
You only live once and then you’re in the ground
So grab a beer and come and get down
Enjoy yourself, let’s have a good time
Our goal is to be drunk by the end of the night

One Life to Liver

It’s not that late don’t put that beer down
Put the beer to your lips
Don’t let the hangover get you down
You and me and me and you
We’ll cure it with bong rips and crack another brew
You live once, make it last
Don’t be a loser and become a drag
Track Name: Co-Worker
Who are you to talk to me?
I don’t care about a word you say
Do your job and let me do mine
Can’t you see the god damn sign
I don’t want to hear your words
Most all, not your voice
Stop this bullshit do your work
I just want to get through with my time

Co-worker asshole, get away from me
Do your own work and let me do mine
Co-worker asshole, leave me alone
I just want to get through with my time
Track Name: Liar
Your ignorance is driving me insane
I want to open your skull and punch your brain
Your dad’s allowance buys your cocaine
Out in the rain, no real pain

Read about it, talk about it
Isn’t shit
Mock it, then talk it
Pretence legit

Liar, you fuckin’ liar!

Your old lies were always boring
So idols past is your new story
TV, friends, the crowds you admire
They are them and you are the liar

Admire, desire
It’s your own fire
Acquire, trier
You are the liar
Track Name: We Won't Pay to Play
Too many venues around today
Pimp bands to pay to play
To put money in their hand
Just to open for a big band
And if they can’t meet demands
They dip in wallets with greedy hands
Fuck that we don’t need your crowd
Stand up tall and play fucking proud


We don’t care about fucking money
We’re for the scene, not money hungry
That’s why we have it all
That’s why we stand up tall
Track Name: Buy Me a Beer
Going broke, my money’s spent
I don’t have enough to pay my rent
I’m getting thirsty and I don’t have enough
Somebody give me a couple bucks?

Just a few dollars to have my drink
A glass of something to stain my teeth
A golden substance with delicious flavor
Buy Me A Beer!
I smoked a bowl and my mouth is dry
One of the worst things when you are high
Come on man, just do me a favor
Buy Me A Beer!

At the show I spent my cash
To get in and have a blast
Bought one drink, what a tease
Can somebody help me please?